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Robert Simpson City Space review of Degeneration 2010

Robert Simpson who runs the City Space blog. ‘The purpose of thecityspace is to provide a resource for those interested in architecture. It features a weekly post on Mondays relating to the field of architecture, some of my personal work and the MYCITY project which is an ongoing design of a model city.’

The Brighton Photo Fringe is a collection of exhibitions and events around Brighton taking place between 2 October – 14 November and provides an opportunity for photographers of different backgrounds and experience to exhibit their work for the enjoyment of the public.
I went to view one of the exhibitions, which is entitled ‘Degeneration’ by the photographic collective ‘Human Endeavour’. I believe it to be an excellent collection of work and felt it is relevant to the content of this blog. I hope I can encourage many to visit the work while it is on display.
Degeneration: the state or process of becoming degenerate; decline or deterioration: overgrazing has caused degeneration of grassland.
The work is a collaboration of four photographers: simon Carruthers, Richard Chivers and Oliver Perrott and Alex Currie. The intent of the project (as described by the photographers) ‘is to take a critical look at the state of housing and regeneration in the 21st century’

The Haygate Estate, London – Simon Carruthers
The focus of the work is a series of abandoned social housing projects from around the UK that are now earmarked for demolition, or in the process of being demolished. Simon Carruthers has captured the ambition of this project in London, but the now abandoned building seems to provide only a monument to the intention it was designed for.
Ibrox, Glasgow – Richard Chivers
For me, the work brings to mind the peak in the social housing construction in the 1960’s, a time when modernism was at the peak of it’s influence. Richard Chivers pictures this abandoned tower block in Glasgow, there is brutal beauty to the shell of the building that stands amongst the wreckage of a once highly populated area.
Parkhill Flats, Sheffield – Alex Currie
Alex Currie has captured the powerful nature if this building in Sheffield which, at this distance at least, seems more akin to a prison than a housing project. Many of these kinds of buildings failed to provide the answer to people’s needs simply because the residents could have no clear sense of identity or ownership of their home, which in turn lead to an increase of crime and depression in these areas.
The Boot Estate, Norris Green, Liverpool – Oliver Perrott
Neglect is the sense given by Oliver Perrott’s photograph and an almost comic sense of irony as new life springs from a house long abandoned. Perhaps this can be seen as a reminder that despite the mistakes of the past, there is always opportunity to build upon and learn from what has come before.
The exhibition is open Wed – Sat 10.30 – 18.30 & Sun 11.30 – 16.30 for the duration of the Photo Fringe at the Bellis Gallery, 8-9 Kings Road, South Lanes, Brighton, BN1 1NE
I encourage you to visit!


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