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Posted in Degeneration by humanendeavour photography on May 26, 2010


The State or process of being or becoming degenerate; decline or deterioration.’

Human Endeavour are working towards a new exhibition for the Brighton Photo Fringe in October 2010. The exhibition is a collaboration between Alex Currie, Oliver Perrott, Simon Carruthers and Richard Chivers.

The work is a study of key areas across Britain of 20th century housing that has slowly fallen into decline and is now due for regeneration. By investigating these outmoded and marginalised spaces the we are looking to explore ideas of displacement and a collapse of a sense of community or sense of place.

As an examination of urban Architecture, the project explores an interest in the values and beliefs that inform the built environment. It poses questions about the future of modern living and the impact that these spaces have, not only on the residents that inhabit them, but also on society as a whole.

Image. Alex Currie. Park Hill Sheffield.