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About Human Endeavour

Human Endeavour is a photographic collective originally conceived in late 2007 by Murray Ballard, Simon Carruthers, Richard Chivers and Alex Currie. The aim of Human Endeavour was to bring together like-minded photographers with a view to curating and enabling the set up and exhibition of new works around a central theme.

Human Endeavour photographers:

Image; Alex Currie (c)

Alex Currie is a UK based contemporary photographer. Born in Salford in 1971, he graduated with a Photography BA at Brighton University in 2007. His photographic practice is concerned with exploring and documenting urban and industrial environments. Often overlooked or ignored, these places impact heavily upon the individual subconscious. It is within this construct that a greater understanding of the human psyche is sought, and how the implications of the modern world reflect upon our everyday being. By documenting the architecture and infrastructure of the hidden and banal, the possibility arises to meditate upon, not just the space that we inhabit, but also the space within ourselves.

Alex has exhibited widely across the South East of England, and has been spending time on location in both France and The Netherlands, with future shows lined up in both countries. Please check for upcoming details. Also available for selective architectural and landscape commissions upon request.

Image; richard chivers (c)

Richard Chivers is a contemporary photographic artist and Architectural photographer, located in Brighton and London. Born in Basingstoke in 1974, he received a first class BA honours degree in photography at the University of Brighton in June 2006.

Richard’s  personal work is concerned with contemporary landscape issues and in particular the relationship between human intervention and nature within a shaped environment. He has received several Arts Council Awards to produce and exhibit work. His work has been shown across the South East of England and in London. Richard is also working for the Photographers Gallery on the Colliers Green Focus project, teaching Key stage 3 children to explore their environment through photography. Richard’s commercial work is centered around Architecture and the built environment.

Image; simon carruthers (c)

Simon Carruthers is a contemporary photographer currently based in London. He graduated in 2007 with a 1st class degree in Photography from Brighton University. His recent photographic practice is largely concerned with human interventions upon the urban and rural landscapes, and actions undertaken in the name of progress. More generally he is interested in documentary, landscape, interior, architectural and industrial photography. Simon has exhibited widely within England, receiving Arts Council funding for his most recent show. He is available for relevant photographic commissions and freelance work.


Image; murray ballard (c)

Murray Ballard is a documentary photographer based in Brighton, UK.  He graduated from the University of Brighton in 2007 with a First Class degree in Editorial Photography.  His practice is concerned with documenting cutting-edge scientific research and experimentation that has the potential to shape and define our future.  He is currently working on the project ‘The Prospect of Immortality’, an investigation into cryonics, the scientific technology used in preserving the dead – for possible revival in the future; and he is about to begin a new project on bioengineering.

In June 2008 he was selected by The Photographers Gallery in London for their fresh faced and wild eyed 08 exhibition, a showcase of the most dynamic new work by visual arts graduates across the UK.  His work has also been shown at the Host Gallery, London, in the foto8 Summer Show 08 and was exhibited in October 2008 as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe, which runs alongside Brighton Photo Biennial.

Image; oliver Perrott (c)

Oliver Perrott is a contemporary photographer based in Brighton who gained a BA Hons in Photography from Brighton University in 2007. Olivers personal work is concerned with the crossover between the natural and the man made, inspired by how humans have shaped our surroundings. Alongside shooting personal projects Olivershoots Architecture and Interiors for private and commercial clients throughout the UK.


Awarded double merit winner at the Fujifilm Student Awards 2007, Oliver was also shortlisted the Royal Photographic Society’s under 25s Gold Society Medal and prize in 2008.



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