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Human Endeavour in Glasgow. The Glasgow Effect.

Posted in Uncategorized by humanendeavour photography on May 31, 2012

Human Endeavour have been in Glasgow investigating ideas around their new collaboration called the Glasgow Effect.

The project is a collaboration between Richard Chivers, Alex Currie and Glaswegian photographer Chris Leslie.

Most of my investigations so far have concentrated on Glasgow’s vast amount of High Rise housing blocks that dominate the sky line. Glasgow has supposedly got the largest concentration of Tower blocks in the Country. (Although many now seem to be coming down)

From the 1950’s to the 1970s Britain saw a boom in the construction of High Rise Tower Blocks, inspired by Le Corbusier’s designs but on the most part not constructed to the same design standards, many of the Tower Blocks in Glasgow suffered from the use of cheap materials and rushed construction meaning the tower blocks soon suffered from structural decay. This led in many cases to what Lynsey Hanley describes as “Slums in the Sky”.

Ibrox Glasgow. Richard Chivers ©

Ibrox Glasgow. Richard Chivers ©

Sighthill Cemetry Glasgow. Richard Chivers ©

The Gallowgate Twins. Glasgow. (Tallest towers in Glasgow) Richard Chivers

Woodside Glasgow. richard chivers.

Red Road Flats Glasgow. Richard Chivers