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Degeneration in Photobook show F in Tokyo

Posted in Degeneration by humanendeavour photography on February 21, 2014

We are very excited that our book dummy Degeneration will be featured in the Photobook show F in Tokyo.



Tokyo, Japan

26 March – 13 April 2014
Hosted by 72Gallery

Opening Night
Wednesday 26 March

Events Weekend
Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 March

We are pleased to be collaborating with TIP (Tokyo Institute of Photography) to bring an edition of Photobookshow to Japan.

Following the call for submissions, we’ve selected over 100 photobooks to showcase to a Japanese audience.

Alongside the show, we are organising a variety of events at the venue in collaboration with TIP, Japanese publishing houses, and local photographers. Details of events will be released soon.

Who’s in?

Mateusz Sarello
Matt Colquhoun
Nick Ballon
Christoph Soeder
Pierre Liebaert
Aaron Krach
Jason Larkin
Franziska Klose
Marianne Bjørnmyr
Diana Artus
Yuchen Yang
Andreas Oetker-Kast
Lex Thompson & Oliver McCartney Thompson
Chen Jiagang
Robin Hammond
Zoé Beausire
Christopher Nunn
Jo Metson Scott
Salvatore Santoro
Portrait Salon
Freddy Dewe Mathews
Daan Paans
Stacy Kranitz
Jocelyn Allen
Liana Yang
Andrew Youngson
Enric Montes
Elin Karlsson
Hannah Darabi & Benoit Grimbert
Francisco Paco Carrascosa
Sam Seager
Rich Cutler
Lioba Keuck
Normand Rajotte
Lewis Bush
Lydia Goldblat
Marco van Duyvendijk
Tsutomu Yamagata
Lena Grass
Israel Ariño
Carles Palacio
Irene Serrano
Vitus Saloshanka
Jagoda Wisniewska & Ania Mokrzycka
Gregory Reuben Levitt
Yong Hee Kim
Louie Palu
Mark Purdom
Mike Stott
Andres Medina
Niclas Tilosius
Sanne De Wilde
Erik Schubert
Marja Saleva
Grainne Quinlan
John MacLean
Alys Tomlinson
Martin Seeds
David Adams
Trine Stephensen & Elevine Berge
Gabriele Harhoff
Edward Newton
Gustavo Alemán
Yukihito Kono
Ana Casas Broda
Yukihito Kono
Simona Rota
Katja Stuke
Rick Hekman
Heather McDonough
Lucas Lenci
Oliver Sieber
Jessica Bishopp
Marco Paltrinieri
Mirko Smerdel
Leanne Cunningham
Florian Braakman
Anne-Lena Michel
Philip J Brittan
Tang Ho Lun
Marlous van der Sloot
Piergiorgio Casotti
Bridgette Ashton
Vergílio Ferreira
Julia Mueller
Marco Lachi
Human Endeavour Collective
Sara Rejaie
Johannes Nadeno
James Duncan Clark
Anna Maguire
Carlos Loret de Mola
Dean Hollowood
Michael Fitzsimmons
Roelof Bakker & Jane Wildgoose
Erno-Erik Raitanen
Vlada Krasilnikova
Rasmus Vasli
Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin
Eva Voutsaki
Zeynep Beler
Jacqueline Butler
Anne Kathrin Schuhmann
Anatomy Projects
Tim Smyth
Save Zine
Paul Gaffney
Laurent Chardon
Deana Kolencikova
Jason Lazarus
Filipe Casaca
The Lost Prairie
Andras Ridovics
Jess Smith
Anne Kathrin Schuhmann


Posted in Degeneration by humanendeavour photography on January 17, 2012

Human Endeavour collective have finally made it to Liverpool to photograph in the area of Anfield for our ongoing project Degeneration. The whole area is currently being demolished as part of a wider programme of proposed regeneration.

Vanguard Street, Anfield, Liverpool 2011 © Alex Currie

Varthen Street, Anfield, Liverpool 2011 © Alex Currie

Venice Street, Anfield, Liverpool 2011© Alex Currie

Vyrnwy Street, Anfield, Liverpool 2011 © Alex Currie

Human Endeavour to exhibit at Format International Photography Festival 2011

Posted in Degeneration by humanendeavour photography on November 30, 2010

With our project Degeneration we have been invited to exhibit at the Format Photography Festival as part of the collectives encounter.

Yasmina Reggad, curator of the exhibition writes;

“During the past 10 years in Europe, photographers have been developing a new form of working, discussing and sharing their personal work. The collective is not only a dynamic platform for photographers to guarantee their independence and identity, but also a creative hub to produce collective artwork.

Photo-Festivals in collaboration with Format International Photo Festival bring together every two years some of the most talented and active photo collectives to celebrate and promote this emerging culture in the UK.”

The exhibition is themed around the ideas of Walter Benjamin’s ‘The Flâneur’.

The festival runs from the 3rd of March to the 4th of April 2011.

The collectives work can be viewed at the blog

To see the Format Festival Press release

Red Road Flats. Glasgow.

Posted in Degeneration by humanendeavour photography on August 26, 2010

Red Road Flats, Image Richard Chivers.

Red Road Flats, Image Richard Chivers

Red Road Flats, image Richard Chivers

The Red Road Flats Glasgow

Posted in Degeneration by humanendeavour photography on August 26, 2010

Richard Chivers and Alex Currie recently spent a week in Glasgow, one of the main objectives for the week was to visit and capture photographs of the Red Road Flats in Glasgow. The Flats were built between 1964-69, they consist of eight high rise blocks. Two are “slabs”, much wider in cross-section than they are deep. Six are “points”  more of a traditional tower block  shape. The slabs have 25-32 floors, the points 30, and taken together they were designed for a population of 4,700 people.

During our visit we meet up with Jonny Howes from and he kindly gave us some archival images of the Red Road during construction. The images have been supplied by The Glasgow Herald who hold the copyright.

Mobile phone uploads from glasgow

Posted in Degeneration by humanendeavour photography on August 13, 2010


Posted in Degeneration by humanendeavour photography on August 12, 2010

Alex currie and Richard chivers are in Glasgow investigating the infamous red road flats, that are slowly being pulled down. Here are some mobile phone uploads

Architecture of Urban Discord

Posted in Degeneration by humanendeavour photography on June 10, 2010

Richard Chivers has been photographing the Rowner Estate in Gosport. The Estate was once described as the ‘Worst in the South East’, the estate was built in the 1960s for military personnel. In the 1980s parts of the estate were sold to private landlords and soon started to suffer because of lack of investment which lead to the building fabric deteriorating. This lead to property price falls and the estate suffered from social problems in the 1990s with crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour nearly making the estate a no go area for public services.

Today the estate is waiting to be regenerated, here history is suspended awaiting the next Architectural ideals to take shape.


Posted in Degeneration by humanendeavour photography on May 26, 2010


The State or process of being or becoming degenerate; decline or deterioration.’

Human Endeavour are working towards a new exhibition for the Brighton Photo Fringe in October 2010. The exhibition is a collaboration between Alex Currie, Oliver Perrott, Simon Carruthers and Richard Chivers.

The work is a study of key areas across Britain of 20th century housing that has slowly fallen into decline and is now due for regeneration. By investigating these outmoded and marginalised spaces the we are looking to explore ideas of displacement and a collapse of a sense of community or sense of place.

As an examination of urban Architecture, the project explores an interest in the values and beliefs that inform the built environment. It poses questions about the future of modern living and the impact that these spaces have, not only on the residents that inhabit them, but also on society as a whole.

Image. Alex Currie. Park Hill Sheffield.

Detroit Andrew Moore.

Posted in Degeneration by humanendeavour photography on April 29, 2010

Moving away from Britain for a moment but still with a Degeneration theme, the work of Andrew Moore in Detroit is particularly interesting, also the recent documentary on the BBC called ‘Requiem for Detroit’ is well worth watching.