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Human Endeavour. Derby.

Posted in Uncategorized by humanendeavour photography on February 21, 2011

Human Endeavour recently gave a free workshop in Derby to support their forthcoming exhibition with the Collectives Encounter at Format Photography festival 2011. As part of the workshop we invited participants to join us on location to be a part of the process of creating new work around the theme of Degeneration.

Although Derby does not at this time have that much visual Degeneration to the scale we were looking for, it certainly has some interesting areas, such as Osmaston where we concentrated most of our research.

The two images below are from a block of houses that are earmarked to be demolished so a Tesco can be built on the site.

Osmaston Park Road. Derby 2011. Richard Chivers

Osmaston Park Road. Derby 2011. Alex Currie.

Osmaston Park Road. Derby. 2011 Alex Currie.

Nightingale Road. Derby. 2011. Richard Chivers.


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