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Simon Carruthers. The Ferrier Estate, Kidbrook, London.

Posted in Uncategorized by humanendeavour photography on November 14, 2010

Simon Carruthers has been investigating the Ferrier Estate in London.

The Ferrier Estate is a large housing estate located in Kidbrook South London. It is considered one of the worst and most notorious estates in Britain.

The estate is a typical example of system built social housing in Britain from the 1950s to the 1970s.

I have posted a few comments that were made by the public, on the blog The Rat and Mouse about the Ferrier Estate.

I bought my 4 bedroomed house from the G.L.C.on the Ferrier in 1979 before the right to buy was introduced I was already living on the estate but in a maisonette. My neighbours eitherside have been rehoused as they were council tenants therefore leaving me isolated.The Greenwich council has offered me �94,000.00 if I take this offer I would be unable to buy a property in this area and as I am 70 in July my chances of getting a mortgage is nil.I have been told that they would accept me as a Council tenant this would mean paying rent from my State pension. The council says that they are paying market prices for our properties but as the only sellers since the regeneration was announced 7 years ago is the council in the right to buy scheme there is no market value.

Posted by Dennis Eve at June 8, 2006 10:02 AM

My family lived on the Ferrier from 1971 to 1982. We moved from the dive that was the Walworth Road, to the Ferrier, which at the time felt like we had moved to a paradise in comparison. A lot of people who didn’t know the Ferrier throughout the 70’s, would probably consider me “Stark raving mad”! Given the estate as it is now, I would fully empathise with their view.

We had a fantastic time through the 70’s, even the occassional street party! There did seem to be a community spirit about the place throughout this time. So when mum & dad eventually decided to move to Orpington, we did so with a rather large lump in the throat!! Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t seen the Ferrier since the day we left back in 1982. I was visiting my sister in Blackheath, when on a whim I decided to take a small detour and visit the “Old Girl”. What confronted me was enough to bring fleeting tears to my eyes! “What the hell had people done”! “What has happened to the pride of people to allow all around them to descend in to a Shit-Hole”! Please excuse the language…But aptly applies to this third world monstrosity before me”! It was all I could do, to beat a hasty retreat from this hovel, and to try and leave the estate with those wonderful memories of “The Ferrier” in tact! RIP Ferrier!

Posted by Doug Berry at October 29, 2006 7:09 PM

i have lived on the ferrier for 7 years now in a one bedroom flat.i now have a 2 year old and a baby on the way.the conditions of my flat are discusting and dangerous for my child.its unfair and the council refuse to move me until the last minute.i live in leclair house and the block is in very poor condition with urine in the lifts and human excrement on the landing which i cleaned as i could not stand the smell lingering under my front door.the landings are dark and cold a bit like my flat really.we need to move on with the times and 2018 is still a long way off for demolishing as conditions are the same as when the ferrier was first built.with big windows that open really wide and blow out heating which is nackered there is no heating facilitie in the bedroom so winter is freezing in there.also the hot water system is rubbish.and the block as had its intercome cut off since 2003.i went to see my local mp today and got know were what a joke. kelly

Posted by kelly at May 26, 2007 8:36 PM

bang bang ferrier gang well we will always be on dis estate coz dis is our endz we stay out to late in teleman square we are da hood rats of da estate fuk haters ferrier til i die

Posted by merts at June 7, 2007 2:00 PM







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