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Nigel Green. Reconstruction.

Posted in Uncategorized by humanendeavour photography on June 30, 2010

I came across Nigel Greens website the other day and was instantly intrigued by his Reconstruction project.

“The post-war architectural landscape of Picardy is distinct and inescapable.
Suffering devastation in both first and second world wars the enormous task
of reconstruction encompassed every form of built structure: agricultural,
civic, domestic and religious. Entire towns and villages were rebuilt from
scratch creating a uniquely 20th century architectural environment.

While post-war reconstruction architecture reflects the necessity of
recovery and replacement combined with the possibilities of modernization,
the most interesting aspect of this process was the development of unique
and hybrid architectural forms. The term vernacular modernism would
perhaps be the best way to describe the incorporation of a range of styles
and materials. Art Deco, modernism, functionalism, constructivism and
industrial forms can all be found interwoven with the existing vernacular.”

Nigel Green.

Images Nigel Green.


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