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Axel Hutte, London Photographs

Posted in Uncategorized by humanendeavour photography on June 11, 2010

We have admired the work of Axel Hutte for some time now with his London photographs being amongst our favourite of his works.

Martin Parr and Gerry Badger in The Photobook: A History, Volume II. write about the book, “With his combination of formality and a ruthlessly maintained stance of neutrality towards the world he photographs, Axel Hütte is an exemplary member of the Düsseldorf Tendency. His book London is an almost perfect example of the photobooks that embody the principles of the New Objectivity. He takes a typological approach to a building form that was largely ignored by local photographers before he turned his camera upon it–the social housing blocks built at various times during the twentieth century to house London’s working class citizens. Hütte concentrates on two particular periods of mass social housing: the blocks built around the beginning of the twentieth century.and the now discredited tower blocks of the 1960s and 1970s, built by the now abolished Greater London Council.”


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