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Hans van de Meer. European Fields.

Posted in Exhibitions by humanendeavour photography on June 9, 2010

Hans van de Meer’ s European Fields work is on display at Crane Kalman in Brighton at the moment. Its well worth going to see as it is a great body of work he has built up based around capturing Amateur football matches within their surrounding landscape.

“Van der Meer’s journey, having started in his native Netherlands, has taken him to small towns and remote regions across Europe, including Greece, Finland, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Slovakia, Denmark, Ireland, Wales, Poland, Belgium, Spain and Italy. His acute and subtle observations of the poetry, absurdity, and camaraderie of human behaviour connects the game of football to the fundamental human condition. The small tragicomedies are dwarfed by the serenity and permanence of the natural or man-made world that surrounds them, but in their pathos can be found the original passion and humanity of the beautiful game.”


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